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While many people dream of having high arches, those who naturally possess them understand the unique challenges they can present. Cavus feet, characterized by unusually high arches, can lead to various discomforts and difficulties in daily life. However, understanding these challenges and exploring effective solutions can help individuals with cavus feet navigate their condition with greater ease. In this blog, we'll delve into the challenges faced by individuals with high arches and discuss potential solutions to alleviate their discomfort.

Understanding Cavus Feet

Cavus feet, or high arches, are the opposite of flat feet. Instead of having a normal arch that slightly touches the ground when standing, individuals with cavus feet have a pronounced arch that doesn't flatten much, if at all, when bearing weight. This structural abnormality can lead to several challenges and discomforts, including:

  1. Foot Pain: High arches can put excessive pressure on the heels and balls of the feet, leading to pain and discomfort, especially during weight-bearing activities like walking or standing for extended periods.
  1. Instability: The rigid, elevated arches of cavus feet may result in reduced stability and balance, increasing the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries.
  1. Foot Deformities: Cavus feet are often associated with other foot deformities, such as hammertoes or claw toes, which can further contribute to pain and difficulty wearing shoes.
  1. Limited Shoe Options: Finding comfortable shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning can be challenging for individuals with high arches. Many standard shoe designs may not accommodate the elevated arches properly, leading to discomfort and friction.
  1. Muscle Fatigue: The muscles and tendons in the feet and lower legs may experience fatigue more quickly in individuals with cavus feet due to the increased strain placed on them to support the high arches.

Solutions for Managing Cavus Feet

  1. Custom Orthotics: Custom orthotic inserts can provide support and cushioning tailored to the individual's foot shape and arch height, reducing discomfort and improving alignment.
  1. Proper Footwear: Look for shoes with ample arch support, cushioning, and a wide toe box to accommodate the elevated arches and prevent rubbing or pressure points.
  1. Stretching and Strengthening Exercises: Specific exercises targeting the muscles and tendons in the feet and ankles can help improve flexibility, stability, and strength, reducing the risk of injuries and alleviating discomfort.
  1. Orthopedic Interventions: In severe cases of cavus feet associated with significant pain or deformities, orthopedic interventions such as surgery may be necessary to correct structural abnormalities and improve function.
  1. Regular Foot Care: Practicing good foot hygiene, such as keeping the feet clean and dry, trimming toenails properly, and inspecting for signs of irritation or injury, can help prevent complications and maintain overall foot health.


Living with cavus feet presents unique challenges, but with proper understanding and proactive management, individuals can effectively alleviate discomfort and maintain an active lifestyle. Whether through custom orthotics, appropriate footwear, or targeted exercises, there are various solutions available to help individuals with high arches navigate their condition with greater comfort and confidence. 

If you're experiencing persistent foot pain or discomfort, consult a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist for personalized guidance and treatment options tailored to your needs. Your feet deserve the best care, so take proactive steps towards managing cavus feet and enjoying a life of comfort and wellness.

Stride Confidently: Solutions for Cavus Feet at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Associates

Cavus feet shouldn't stand in the way of your comfort and mobility. At Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Associates, our team of skilled podiatrists - Dr. Gordon Bean, Armando Carro, Scott Morris, and Steve Walker - is committed to providing expert care and tailored solutions to address your cavus foot concerns.

Take the next step towards relief and improved quality of life by reaching out to our offices at Edmond Office (405) 340-9251 or visiting our Moore/Midwest City Office at (405) 794-6691. Let Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Associates guide you towards greater comfort and confidence as you stride confidently through life with cavus feet.

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