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Plantar warts, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), are small growths that appear on the soles of the feet. While often harmless, these warts can cause discomfort and pain, especially when walking or standing. In this blog, we’ll delve into the treatment options available for plantar warts and explore effective prevention tips to keep your…

Morton’s neuroma is a common foot condition characterized by a thickening of the tissue around a nerve between the bases of the toes. This can cause intense pain and discomfort, often described as feeling like a pebble in your shoe or a burning sensation in the ball of your foot. In this blog, we’ll delve…

In the intricate dance of biomechanics, our feet play a vital role in supporting our body weight and facilitating movement. However, issues such as overpronation and supination can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to discomfort, pain, and potential injury. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between overpronation and supination, their effects on foot health,…

Athlete’s foot, medically known as tinea pedis, is a fungal infection that commonly affects the feet. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, understanding how to manage and prevent an athlete’s foot is essential for foot health and overall well-being. In this blog, we’ll delve into the prevention and treatment…

The Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Podiatrist If you are researching for the most qualified podiatrists in Moore, Edmond, Midwest City, for your family, then you are in the right place at Oklahoma Foot & Ankle Associates! Just like every foot is different, podiatry offices are different. For help with your research, read the free report below provided by the Doctors at Oklahoma Foot & Ankle Associates. Read Your Report Now!
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